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3 Simple ways you can reduce waste RIGHT NOW

3 Simple ways you can reduce waste RIGHT NOW

Posted by Donnique Williams on 17th Jan 2018

Sometimes we think that reducing waste means giving up convenience, but it doesn't have to! Here are 3 quick and simple things you can do right now to reduce the amount of waste you create.

Say NO to plastic

Say no to plastic cutlery, straws and extra packaging. If it’s takeout, bring it home and eat with a real fork and knife. If you’re at a restaurant, you can drink from the glass, no problem!

Bring Your Own

How about when you’re not headed home to eat that Thai food? A simple solution is carrying a set of reusable cutlery for take-out and surprises. I personally use the To Go Ware RePEaT Bamboo Utensil Set which comes with chopsticks and a handy little case. Bring a reusable straw for those times when you can’t stand the idea of touching your lips to a naked glass *gasp*

Take a Moment 

Do you REALLY need that handful of napkins? How about that plastic bag for that one item? As you rush out the door, bringing along a reusable bag or set of cutlery might not be on your list of to dos, but if you take a moment to think ahead you can reduce the amount of waste you create by just being prepared for the situations that come along. It’s not about being perfect but instead about making simple, effective choices whenever we can.

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