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CANADA DAY Gear  | Celebrate Without Waste!

CANADA DAY Gear | Celebrate Without Waste!

Posted by Donnique Williams on 15th Jun 2017

Canada day is fast approaching! 

Are you ready for late-night campfires, hiking trails and summer picnics? At FENIGO we know that festivities always include family, friends and food! Unfortunately, that can also mean unwanted waste! Avoiding unwanted waste means replacing single-use items, like plastic bottles or bags that could end up on our beloved coastlines and parks, with reusable alternatives. Why not celebrate our 150th strong and waste-free while protecting the Great White North!

Here are some of our favorite Canadian brands and Canada day gear!


The Colibri Snack and Sandwich Bags are a fantastic eco-friendly alternative to plastic sandwich bags. These bags are machine-washable, made in Canada and can be reused over and over! The zipper closure keeps all your veggies, fruits and snacks safe inside the bag and best of all, they come in a variety of patterns including the Canadian-esque ones above!



Dabbawalla lunch bags are the perfect bag for hikes, picnics and summer camp lunches! Each bag is made from an innovative foam material that is insulating, machine-washable, biodegradable and recyclable! This is one of the best lunch bags your child will own and it's made to last! 


For decades Nalgene bottles have been famous for their sturdy, leak-proof design. Now, our Nalgene neighbors to the south have honored us with a bottle that is uniquely Canadian! This 32 oz bottle has a wide mouth, for ice cubes on those hot summer days, and will hold up to anything an active family will throw at it. Stay hydrated and rep Canada at the same time!


Guard your bananas, fruit and sandwiches when you're on-the-go! These durable guards are Made in Canada to protect your bananas from over-ripening, your fruit from getting bruised and your sandwiches from getting squished. Bring them on your camping trips, picnics, and pack them in your Canada celebrations 

Check out more waste-free, Canadian products:

However you choose to celebrate this Canada Day, choose to do so without unnecessary waste. We are celebrating 150 years of breathtaking natural beauty, so let`s help keep Canada gorgeous!