Customer Printed Reusable Face Masks

ChicoBag Reusable Facewear was curated with the environment at center stage. Each mask comes with a convenient carrying pouch and carabiner to keep the mask clean while not in use. The FaceMask- 90 has a sewn in reusable, washable filter, and the FaceMask- 72 features a pocket to insert a replaceable, filter of your choice.  

A single reusable ChicoBag facewear mask can save an estimated 547 single-use masks from the waste stream!

  • Available in Two Styles: 2 Layer (72% PFE) and 3 Layer (90% PFE)

  • Containment Pouch with carabiner clip included

  • Machine Washable!

  • Get them as soon as 3 weeks 

  • Minimums starting at 500 units 


- Snug Fit to Improve Safety: Five milimeter flexible anti-fog metal nose bridge removes a common  air-gap found in lower quality masks. If there's a gap at the bridge of your nose or at the sides or bottom of your mask, unfiltered air is getting in and out. 

Containment Pouch with Carabiner: Keeps your clean mask clean and your used mask contained. Carabiner can hook to your clothing or bag for easy access. Opening folds over and stays secure with a hook and loop closure. Containment pouch is available to customize.

- All Day Comfort: Adjustable ear loops and ear-savers prevent irritation and discomfort.

For more information about custom printed facewear, please contact us: 519-571-8827 or If you'd like to buy a  non-medical 2-layer face mask now, please click here.

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