Dabba Walla Bags - FAQs

What are DabbaWalla bags made of?

DabbaWalla Lunch Bags and Backpacks are crafted from a unique foam textile that is an environmentally friendly alternative to neoprene. Like neoprene, it cushions, protects and insulates. The degradable material is also 100% toxic-free including free of PVC, BPA, lead and phthalates. Only water based adhesives are used so it is solvent free and contains no residual VOCs. All materials used have been fully tested and exceed CPSIA standards for safety.

Where are the bags made?

Our products are designed in Seattle and crafted in rural Taiwan at a small, family-owned sewing facility that is dedicated to responsible labour practices. Workers receive benefits and fair-trade wages. The DabbaWalla company visits the factory regularly and is pleased to have found this dedicated specialty work force that stitches every
bag individually. Subtle differences in each bag add to their unique charm and character. Bags are sewn by talented
seamstresses who take great pride in their work to ensure that the finished product meets exacting standards.

How long will things stay cold?

Items packed in DabbaWalla Lunch Bags will help keep food at safe temperatures for approximately 4-5 hours with an ice pack.

Are DabbaWalla bags waterproof?

DabbaWalla bags are water-resistant but NOT waterproof, thus, if you are toting a wet swimsuit or spill a bottle of water, the moisture will seep out through the seams. If you are caught in the rain, the exterior of Dabba Walla bags will repel the raindrops. 

Are the DabbaWalla bags washable?

Yes! For best results we recommend turning the bag inside out and washing in a front-loader machine. For customers with top loading machines, we strongly recommend either hand washing or using a lingerie bag to protect the bag. All bags must be drip-dried.

What should I do if my water bottle or lunch leaks in my bag?

Inevitably spills will occur while using your Dabbawalla. When this happens it is important to wash your bag as soon as possible and completely air-dry it to avoid potential mold issues. If you can’t wash your bag right away, turn it inside out so that the interior can dry, and then be sure to wash it when you get the chance. In the unlikely event you do develop a mold issue, we recommend soaking in an Oxiclean solution of ½ cup of Oxiclean to 2 gallons of warm water for 2 hours, which will kill any mold and help remove staining. Then hand wash with mild detergent, rinse and completely air dry.