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Eco Policy

We don't just sell eco-friendly products! We believe in making small steps to make this world one shade greener. Here are a few things we do at our store & warehouse to minimize our carbon footprint:

  • We use green energy from Bulfrogpower.
  • We adjust our thermostat to use less power to heat/cool our store when no one is here!
  • We believe in the 3Rs and do what we can to minimize and reuse packaging while ensuring that products are adequately protected and arrive at their destination in perfect condition. 
  • We use 100% post-consumer recycled office paper.
  • We use green cleaning supplies and reusable cloths (Skoy) to keep our store clean. 
  • We use eco-friendly hand soap.
  • We clean our windows with vinegar + water.
  • We rarely use paper towel but when we do - it's all post-consumer recycled.
  • We recycle all paper (including toilet paper rolls).
  • We use mostly LED lights at our store
  • Whenever possible, we turn the lights off when we leave a room.
  • We encourage reusing and repurposing: we do not upsell at our store. If you have it at home, use it. If a similar product with the same functionality is available at your vintage store, buy it there.
  • We reuse what can be reused (packing paper, boxes, etc.)

When shopping at the Waterloo location, if you skip the plastic bag (or bring your own reusable one!) you are welcome to enter to win a $25 gift card! Three (3) winners are drawn each month! It could be you, so come visit us!