Press Release | Increasing FENIGO’s Wholesale Lines with Innovative, Green Products

Highlighting three wholesale brands dedicated to environmental responsibility and a healthier planet

Waterloo, July 2017. In this year alone FENIGO has doubled their wholesale lines, now distributing over 10
reputable brands to retailers all over Canada. Most notably, brands like ChicoBag, Dabbawalla and To-Go Ware
are revolutionizing the way that we shop, eat and view unnecessary waste. This movement towards environmental
responsibility has lasting impacts for reducing waste and creating a healthier future.

< is a certified B corporation which upholds the highest standards of social and environmental responsibility. Through their partnership FENIGO distributes innovative products made of recycled plastic, like ChicoBag’s reusable produce, grocery, shopping bags and travel backpacks. “ChicoBag is an amazing company to work with,” Jana Campbell, Founder and President of FENIGO says, “They are just as passionate as we are about reducing waste. It’s so refreshing to talk to people, not just a business, but people who are passionate about the environment and doing something about it.”

    Similarly, To-Go Ware has become the brand that is shifting the way we eat, drink and lunch on-the-go. FENIGO distributes their RePETe bamboo cutlery to replace plastic take-out utensils for good and stainless steel tiffins to carry food beautifully. Most recently, To-Go Ware’s ingenious collapsible silicone containers boast the ability to go from the freezer, oven and microwave with unbelievable ease. In a world consistently entranced by barrage of single use items To-Go Ware stands apart as a brand which values durability and design.

   In the continued pursuit of imaginative steps to reduce waste, FENIGO has also become the Canadian supplier of DabbaWalla’s biodegradable lunch bags and backpacks. Made of a revolutionary foam material that is machine washable, biodegradable and insulating, these bags will change the way kids lunch forever. Toxin-free with beautiful designs that are responsibly handmade in Taiwan, these bags are made so well that customers are as ecstatic to find them as the FENIGO Team is to distribute them!

Without question, FENIGO’s philosophy has been to distribute products which they have extended experience
with; this has been the case since choosing to wholesale over two years ago. These companies have shown
themselves to be cutting-edge carriers of the vision of the #LifeWithoutWaste movement. For FENIGO
Distribution it’s all about the passionate desire for environmental responsibility that drives the continual pursuit of
socially conscious and inventive brands.

We would love to share more about our dedication to sustainability. To learn more
about FENIGO Distribution contact Jana at 519-954-7877, email