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About Us

About Us

Fenigo.com is your Canadian source offering everything for a litter-less lunch. We take pride in our great customer service, competitive prices and one of the greatest selections of litter-less lunch products in Canada!

  FENIGO.com was launched as an online store in November 2008. It opened its first brick-and-mortar location in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada in November 2011.  

fenigobrickandmortar.jpgAt Fenigo.com we believe that every little step that we take to preserve our environment makes a difference. Our store is powered with 100% green electricity (a.k.a. bullfrogpowered). We believe in the 3Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle) and will do what we can to minimize and reuse packaging while ensuring that products are adequately protected and arrive at your doorstep in perfect condition.   

We are thrilled that Canadians are truly getting exciting about going waste-free when it comes to lunching on the go.    

    Our ultimate goal would be to sell products strictly made in Canada. We only work with companies that adhere to strict standards when it comes to product safety and fair labour.   
You can be confident that everything available at Fenigo is safe as all products are BPA-, PVC- Phthalate- and Lead-free.  

    If you'd like to stay informed on what happens at FENIGO.com, you are invited to do one of the following:    

About Founder

jana2015.jpg The founder Jana Campbell grew up in Latvia where she had to bring her own empty glass jar to the store to be filled with sour cream.

Jana is very appreciative of the opportunities available in Canada. She's enjoyed her journey in this beautiful country. Jana believes that 'less is more' and strives to use this philosophy in her life and business.

Jana Campbell can be reached at 519-954-7877 or by email at jana@FENIGO.com.

You may follow Jana Campbell on Twitter by clicking here and/or connect on LinkedIn by clicking here.


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