Why Choose Us

  • We are in this business for philosophical reasons - we care about the environment and about reducing waste!
  • We are authentic - we truly want to help you find what works best for your unique needs. We share our own experiences but ultimately let you make your final decision.
  • We have been sourcing the latest and most innovative products in the litter-less lunch world since 2008!
  • We believe that less is more and we do not upsell at our store. We encourage utilizing what you already have before purchasing new products.
  • We offer competitive prices for difficult-to-find products in Canada.
  • We welcome suggestions from you! If you find an interesting product that you think would be a great fit for FENIGO, please get in touch!
  • Our store/warehouse is powered with 100% green electricity! (a.k.a. bullfrogpowered)
  • We are fair - if you are having genuine warranty problems with any of the products you have purchased at FENIGO, we will help you find a solution (either directly or we'll put you in touch with the right contact).